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In a time of need, the greatest resource is the people who answer the call to help. These men and women put everything on the line to offer aid when it is needed the most. RSA Disaster Relief Catering, a division of Elegant Affairs Caterers, is equipped to answer that call when it comes to hurricanes and destructive natural events across the United States.

RSA is backed by more than 25 years of off-premise catering experience as it is directed by Elegant Affairs Caterers, Long Island’s premier off-premise catering service. These decades of experience and investment in field equipment allow us to mobilize our in-house fully furnished itinerant kitchen facilities along with all the required product, gear and personnel assets to support large-scale operations in virtually any location. Regardless of the size of the operation, RSA ensures rapid turnaround on all confirmed requests and can be fully operational within 48 hours of green light in practically any scenario. 

In addition to large scale camp scenarios, RSA delivers directly to sub-stations in the field enhancing worker productivity and reduction of downtime on meal periods. RSA also offers pre-packaged meal options that can be handed out for later consumption. 

On October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy made landfall on the Northeast United States, destroying homes, incapacitating streets and inflicting nearly $70 billion dollars of damage when it pummeled its way through the region. Just as the storm washed ashore and devastated millions of Americans, the rescue, recovery and clean-up efforts began immediately. Volunteers and relief workers from all over the country poured into the affected region to offer their hands clearing roadways, delivering supplies and ensuring the safety of those most vulnerable.

The influx of help was greatly needed, but from a logistics standpoint, taking care of first responders and volunteers is itself a difficult task. When Hurricane Sandy hit, RSA opened its doors in New Jersey and for six weeks after the storm, fed, sheltered and provided comfort to more than 5,000 workers; totaling more than 400,000 meals as part of disaster relief efforts.

RSA Disaster Relief Catering remains committed to providing amenities, shelter, provisions and food to the mass amounts of relief workers and victims of disasters at a moment’s notice. 

Meal plans available upon request. 

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